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Top View over Antim District & The Palace of Parliament

February 10, 2020

Top view over a section south of Constitution Square and Unirii Boulevard, central Bucharest. Stark contrast between the pre-WWII urban tissue, now a rundown area, and the massive Palace of Parliament and the front of high-rise apartment buildings lining Unirii Boulevard (seen in the background), result of Ceausescu’s master plan for urban modernization undertaken in the 1980s. 

On the right one can see the towers of the late medieval Antim Monastery (1715), one of the most beautiful in Bucharest. The surrounding neighborhood bears its name. The area was heavily affected during the 1980s demolitions, when houses were torn down and streets disappeared to make room for the House of the People (now the Palace of Parliament) and the Unirii Boulevard.

Also, enjoy a nice view over Sf Nicolae Vladica Church (1904). The church looks much better now than in the picture, as it was recently renovated. (photos taken January 2018)


Top View to Antim District and the Palace of Parliament, Bucharest

Antim district top view, Bucharest

Sf Nicolae Vladica Church, Bucharest

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