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Exquisite Neo-Romanian Style House in Disrepair

March 5, 2020

I passed by this house again yesterday and was saddened to see it in the same poor condition, in contrast with its exceptional architectural value.

Built in 1889 by one of the leading Romanian architects of the time, Ion N. Socolescu, for a professor and historian who was his friend, Ionescu-Gion, this is one of the earliest and finest examples of the Romanian national romantic architecture in Bucharest for a private home.

Ion N. Socolescu was one of the first promoters of the Neo-Romanian style, using models of Romanian traditional architecture and also oriental elements to create his own original expression of the Neo-Romanian style.

This is Bucharest’s amazing architectural heritage, from times when culture and creativity thrived, now threatened by neglect or irresponsible and uncontrolled development… (pictures taken yesterday)



If interested to learn about the Neo-Romanian architectural style (national romantic Romanian architecture) and see the most iconic buildings of the Neo-Romanian style in Bucharest, or discover Bucharest’s amazing architecture, contact me to arrange a private guided tour.

  1. Gabriela Simion permalink

    I totally agree with you Cris, what a waste. Here in America they treasure and protect historic houses and buildings. If not the government at least some of the rich people there could save it. Repair – the façade without any changes – it and live in it.

  2. Thank you Gabriela for your message and empathy…it is true, what a waste and what a shame…here the houses are not appreciated and loved, people don’t understand that they represent the work, life and talent of our forerunners, and they are our precious heritage…something that brings beauty and joy and happiness in our lives…

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