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Bucharest Architectural Tour – Art Deco & Modernism

One of Bucharest’s most characteristic and interesting features, and one that always strikes visitors, is its astonishing urban landscape and architectural diversity. For a long time isolated behind the Iron Curtain, Bucharest now digs out from its past and reveals its architectural treasures. This private architectural walking and driving tour focuses on the modern architecture in Bucharest between 1920-1945, that includes first-class examples of Art Deco, Bauhaus and International Style, a delight for lovers of architecture. This tour is also a great way to understand and take in Bucharest through its architecture, which is an essential part of the character of the city.

Bucharest Art Deco

Tour type: architecture, heritage

This is a private tour, and the only people on tour will be you, or you and your guests.


  • • some of the finest Art Deco and Modernist structures in Bucharest
  • • iconic works of prominent architects, great figures of Romanian modernist architecture, including the famous Bucharest-born Dadaist, avant-garde movement promoter and architect Marcel Janco
  • • opportunity to discover downtown Bucharest, as our stroll takes you around the central area and main boulevards


Tour Information

around 5 hours

moderate (approx. 4 km walk at your pace – medium physical demands)

100 EUR/tour/1-2 people
120 EUR/tour/3-4 people

– hotel pick-up and drop-off
– transportation by private car, a 2017 Volkswagen Golf
– tour guide/driver service 

– entrance fees, if any
– any food or drink you choose to buy

at your hotel or other agreed-upon location in the central area of the city

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After more than 40 years of Soviet communism, one may expect the city to be dominated by grim working-class districts and typical Soviet-era architecture. Bucharest has them indeed, including the staggering House of the People, but there is much more around. The city preserved many of its majestic Belle Epoque buildings, that earned Bucharest the nickname of ‘Little Paris’. Starting with the first decade of the 20th century, the national Romanian style -a unique local architectural and design style -emerged and flourished. In the 1920s and 1930s, Bucharest experienced rapid development and modernization and a wealth of Art Deco and Modernist buildings sprang up.

All the above mentioned styles make up the amazingly diverse and eclectic architectural landscape that you will be able to explore during this tour, with a focus on Art Deco and Modernism.

What to expect

We will have a walk around the central area and main boulevards, and I will point out to you the most emblematic Art Deco and Modernist landmarks of the city, as well as masterpieces of Romanian prominent architects, major figures of Romanian inter-war architecture, such as Marcel Iancu, Horia Creanga and Duiliu Marcu. I will explain the historical and social context of the inter-war years and the modernist movement in Romania.

The tour is ideally a walking tour, and we use the car to transfer to different areas of interest. If necessary/for your convenience, I will adapt the tour to do it by car.

Not all the buildings you will see are in their best condition. Bucharest did not have the time to recover after the decades of communist dictatorship, and still undergoes a (too) long and complicated transition period. Many period buildings are sadly in disrepair, while some of them look like new following lengthy restoration effort.

The itinerary is not set in stone, and as I get to know you while we walk and discuss, I may get an idea and we can take detours along the way, to see things that may interest you. If we have the chance, we may enter inside buildings to get an up close look at the architectural details and ‘experience’ it.

Around midpoint in the tour, it is good to take a break to rest and relax over a drink or a snack.


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