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Bucharest to Constanta & The Black Sea Coast 1-Day Private Tour

Discover the Romanian port of Constanta -the busiest port in the Black Sea, walk on the beach in Mamaia, the Romanian Coast’s flagship resort, and enjoy the salty breeze of the Black Sea – all on a private day tour, with your personal guide and in the comfort of a private car.
Constanta & Black Sea Coast 1-Day Private Tour


I invite you on a private day tour to Constanta, the biggest port in the Black Sea and one of the largest cities in Romania. Modern day Constanta is the ancient city of Tomis, with a history going back to the days of the Greek colonists who founded it. Tomis became a place of exile for a melancholic Poet, and a thriving port in the time of Constantin The Great -a splendid Roman Mosaic bears testimony to that period. Constanta was then overrun by barbaric tribes, fell into a long decline under Ottoman control, and rose once again as a cosmopolitan, active trade center -before communism left its mark…

The shabby historical district is coming back to life but still undergoes a slow rehabilitation, the magnificent Casino is ‘one of the most beautiful abandoned buildings’ in Romania… even so you may love Constanta for the seafront promenade, the quaint Old Town, the feel of history and the unique atmosphere of this wind-swept city. 

This is not all – before returning to Bucharest, visit the bustling beach resort of Mamaia and enjoy a spectacular telegondola ride that offers a panoramic view of the entire resort from above!

Tour Information

12-13 hours (consider around 6 hours drive for the round trip)

250 EUR/ tour/1 person

260 EUR/tour/2 people
270 EUR/tour/3 people

Activity level
medium physical demands

What is included
– hotel pick-up and drop-off

– guide & driver fee
– transportation by private car, a 2017 Volkswagen Golf, air-conditioned
– parking fees, road toll, fuel
– cost of ticket for telegondola ride

Not included
– the food and drink of your choice

– admission fees to the Roman Edifice with Mosaic and to the Great Mosque (15 Lei/person)

Pick-up, Drop-off
at your hotel or location IN BUCHAREST OR CONSTANTA


  • Ovid Square, the heart of the Old Town of Constanta, overlooked by the statue of Ovid, the poet ‘who sung of tender love’
  • • The promenade along the seafront and the Casino, iconic landmark of the city
  • • Enjoy lunch to one of the restaurants or cafes in the Old Marina, while watching the boats anchored in the bay
  • • The Great Mosque – Romania’s main mosque, the seat of the Mufti, the spiritual leader of the Muslims in Romania; the 140-step minaret offers great views over the city and the sea
  • • Walk on the beach and stick your feet in the Black Sea in Mamaia, a top favorite beach resort in Romania
  • • Watch the resort and the Black Sea beach from above, on a spectacular ride with telegondola in Mamaia 

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Program/What to expect

We set off in the morning travelling east across the vast expanse of the Baragan plain, then after crossing the Danube, we pass the rolling hills of Dobruja, the ancient territory between Danube and the Black Sea.

Arrival in Constanta and starting from Ovid Square you will be given a general introduction into the history of the region. Then you will admire the Roman Edifice with Mosaic. While the building itself needs a make over, the mosaic pavement (partially preserved) is outstanding.

Next, visit of the Great Mosque, one of the city’s defining landmarks. The 140-step minaret provides panoramic views over the sea and the city.

We continue with a stroll on the promenade running along the coastline, from the port all the way to the Old Marina, passing the famous Casino, the iconic symbol of the city. 

We will stop for lunch and relaxation to one of the restaurants or cafes lying around the Old Marina. There are some fine seafood restaurants offering fresh fish caught by local fishermen.

In the afternoon, visit the popular beach resort of Mamaia, just a short drive north of Constanta. Travel above the resort and have a bird’s view of hotels, beach and the sea on a telegondola ride. Then, we return on foot along the beach promenade (about 2 km walk -or, we may return with telegondola). Late afternoon return to Bucharest.

To request a guided tour or get more information, please use the form below. I will answer every message personally within the next 24 hours, providing details of availability, booking and payment. 

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