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Vlad The Impaler Castle, Carol Park

March 4, 2020

Did you know there’s a Castle Dracula in Bucharest? Well… known as ‘Castelul Vlad Ţepeș’ – Vlad The Impaler Castle located in Carol Park, central Bucharest – it is a smaller replica of Poenari Castle, Prince Dracula’s stronghold. The original Poenari Castle, ruined now, is perched high in the mountains, in the valley of Arges river (and it’s extraordinary to visit, you can do that on a day trip from Bucharest). The one in Bucharest, built in 1906 when Carol Park was set up, is evocative of the medieval ages and Romanians’ heroic past, recalling one of the most fascinating figures of local and European history -Prince Dracula himself.

The castle is one of the few remaining of the many monuments and constructions that used to be in the park. Carol Park was created in 1906 in what used to be a deserted and swampy field, as the setting for the Romanian General Exhibition – the first national exhibition, a vast project to celebrate Romanian achievements and history.

The construction serves currently as home to the National Office For The Cult of Heroes and it is only open for public twice in a year -on the Heroes’ Day, which in Romania is the same with the Ascension Day (this year it is going to be May 21st), and on the Romanian Army National Day (Oct 25th).

Tepes Tower Carol Park Bucharest

Turnul lui Tepes Carol Park Bucharest

Tepes Tower Carol Park Bucharest

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