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“Bucharest & Romania Private Tours – Unknown Bucharest” Website Contributor

This website largely benefited from the contribution of a great friend, Mr Doron (Doru) Midroni, who offered to review its contents (not an easy task!) and assisted with valuable suggestions. Doru is born, raised and educated in Bucharest, where he worked as a journalist and radio reporter. Now living in Toronto, Canada, Doru is retired after a long international banking career, and currently is a Moderator and the “Patriarch” of the Slow Travel community, where he also occasionally writes trip reports and reviews. Although he left Bucharest nearly 50 years ago, or perhaps precisely for this reason, Doru still feels close to and loves his native city. His emotional return to Bucharest after an absence of 48 years is described in this Slow Travel Trip report. Lately, he has been following the lively activity of Bucharest bloggers who revive the memory of Old Bucharest in the context of today’s city, and participated in some of their discussions. Doru spends much of what little free time a busy retiree has by peering over maps of old Bucharest and trying to figure out its new cityscape by conjuring it up with Google Maps:)

  1. Doru M. permalink

    Thank you, Cris! It overwhelms me!


  2. I thank you, Doru. I am much obliged.

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