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The Disappearing Old Bucharest – Old Houses in Filaret Area

March 1, 2020

Houses in a late 19th century working class district, in the predominant industrial area -with many little factories-  that appeared back then, around, and in connection with, Filaret train station. Filaret train station, not in use today, was the first train station that opened in Bucharest, in 1869. This was a little parcellation for workers and small functionaries, developed south of Filaret area, and south of what is now Carol Park.

I like the simple architecture, the proportions, the arched windows and the delicate stone moldings of the two-story house. Also, the old trees that shade the little quiet street in the summer.

Such old houses used to be made in bricks, with lime plaster walls, with wooden window frames and delicate stone moldings, with roofs made of ceramic tiles. Wrought iron balconies, wrought iron or simple wooden fences, depending on how fancy was the house… Nowadays little by little they fall into disrepair, and due to lack of money and appreciation of their character they are left to rot or poorly repaired with modern, cheap materials.  The atmosphere of Bucharest old neighborhoods, and the way of life they evoke, is fast disappearing. (Photos from yesterday)


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  1. Gabriela Simion permalink

    Dear memories of the old Bucharest.

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