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May Day Parade in Bucharest -Communist Era Old Pic

May 1, 2020

Old photo from personal archive – taken at the annual May Day Parade in Bucharest, most likely in 1963. The young girl on the right, in light color trench coat and holding flowers in her arms, is my mom. She was 18:)

May Day parade Bucharest communist era 1963

The First Day of May was a popular event in Communist Romania, associated with political propaganda, celebrating the International Day of the working class.

Big parades were organized. Attending parades was mandatory, people were gathered at the starting point early in the morning, lined up before setting off on the parade route, on the main boulevards -heading Piata Victoriei. There were free stands with hot dogs, bread and mustard on the sides for participants. After passing the official tribunes on Aviatorilor Boulevard and reaching the Arc de Triomph they would spread.

For the rest of the day people would go to parks with families or friends, sitting in the grass, typically enjoying ”mici” and beer in a joyful atmosphere.

May 1 or Labor Day is a day off work and still associated in Romania with family gatherings and strolls in the park, enjoying the warm spring weather and flowers. For youngsters, visit to the beach and the first bath in the sea of the season:) (not this year!).



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  1. Gabriela Simion permalink

    Beautiful memories…

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