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2-Day/3-Day Bucharest Tour

3 full day Bucharest city tour designed for visitors willing to gain a more in-depth view on the history and local culture of the capital city of Romania

House of the People Bucharest Day 1 Palace Square – Calea Victoriei – University Square – The House of the People (Palace of Parliament) – Piata Unirii (Unirii Square) – The Old Town 

A good introductory tour of Bucharest, covering the most important central areas and sights of the city, including a visit of the House of the People (Palace of Parliament building).

  • •  Palace Square, a perfect place for a short overview of the Romanian history; see the Romanian Athenaeum, the country’s most prestigious concert hall and Bucharest’s most iconic building; Revolution Square, where you’ll be given a brief account of the 1989 anticommunist Revolution;
  • •  University Square, the heart of the present-day Bucharest and public stage of the city’s life, home to evocative monuments and representative edifices such as the University of Bucharest, the National Theater, Coltea Settlements, Sutu Palace
  • • Ceausescu’s folly House of the People, a communist era legacy today home to the Romanian Parliament (guided visit); a visitor to the House of the People confessed “I’ve been around the world, but never seen anything like this”; learn about the vast project of urban transformation of the capital city of Romania following the socialist model, launched at the behest of Ceausescu in the last years of communist regime;
  • • a walk behind the buildings of the communist Civic Center reveals the remnants of the old neighborhoods and hidden centuries old churches
  • • The bustling Piata Unirii (Unirii Square)
  • • The Old Town – stroll around Bucharest’s Old Town, the city historical core which in recent years turned into Bucharest’s liveliest entertainment district; enjoy a drink to one of the fine outdoor cafés in the area

Bellu Cemetery Bucharest Day 2 The Patriarchal Cathedral – Carol I Park – Bellu Cemetery – Cotroceni Palace – Cotroceni district – Cismigiu Garden 

  • • Visit of the Patriarchal Cathedral, center of the Romanian Orthodox faith and a national symbol
  • • Walk in Carol Park, where some interesting surprises await you
  • •  Visit of Bellu Cemetery, Bucharest’s oldest cemetery (mid 19th century) included among the cemeteries of cultural significance for European history – some amazing funeral monuments to see
  • •  Visit Cotroceni Palace, former representative residence of the Romanian Royal family, today serving as a museum; Cotroceni Palace provides a revealing picture of the status and power of the Romanian Royal institution in the time of the Old Kingdom; then enjoy a short drive around the leafy, quaint Cotroceni neighborhood, one of Bucharest’s elegant residential districts, occasion to admire fine interbelic period Neo-Romanian and Art Deco style villas;
  • • End the day with a stroll in Cismigiu Garden, the oldest public garden in Bucharest and a local’s favorite

Day 3 The old neighborhoods (Negustori-Mantuleasa-Armenesc) –  Gradina Icoanei – Kiseleff area – Primaverii Palace – Village Museum  

  • • Quaint old neighborhoods, as well as elegant inter-war districts with beautiful period architecture
  • • See the landmarks and monuments of the Kiseleff area (The House of Free Press -a Stalinist Era landmark, The Arc de Triomphe, Herastrau Park, Kiseleff Boulevard)
  • • Visit Primaverii Palace, former private residence of Ceausescu, the communist dictator that has been preserved unchanged since the last time Ceausescu was there
  • •  Visit the open-air Village Museum
  • •  Depending on your interest, you may complete your tour by visiting Jewish sites (The Choral Temple, one of the most beautiful synagogues in the world), or museums such as the fine Zambaccian Museum (art museum)

Tour Information

Duration 6-7 hours/day

Price 240 EUR/2-Day Tour; 360 Eur/3-Day Tour (for up to 4 people)

Activity level medium physical demands – the tours are mostly walking, with transfers by car to more distant places of interest; visit of the Palace of Parliament involves climbing stairs;

What is included
– guide service
– transportation by personal car, a 2014 Volkswagen Golf, air conditioned
– all parking fees and fuel

What is extra 
– the entry fees to objectives:
Village Museum 10 RON/person
Cotroceni Palace 27 RON/person
Palace of Parliament 35 RON/person
Primaverii Palace (Ceausescu’s Palace) 45 RON/person
Athenaeum 10 RON/person
Zambaccian Museum 7 RON/person
– all food & drink of your choice
Please consider having extra 125 RON/person (around 30 EUR/person) for admission fees

Pick-up, Drop-off at your hotel or other pre-agreed location within city limits

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To request a guided tour or get more information, please use the form below. I will answer every message personally within the next 24 hours, providing details of availability, booking and payment. 

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