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Bucharest’s Churches (39)

Bucharest churches are authentic documents of local history and culture, and treasures of old local art and architecture.
Contact me to arrange a walking tour of Bucharest’s most beautiful churches, or maybe a combined tour of Bucharest’s major attractions with visits of some of the most representative and iconic churches. Also feel free to browse through my Bucharest city tours to see if you find something that catches your interest.

Since ancient times Bucharest grew and developed around its churches. The  town’s old neighborhoods, called ‘mahala’ or ‘parohie’ (parish), were actually named after the church to which they belonged. For example, ‘Mahalaua Negustori’ named after the Negustori Church.

Bucharest’s churches are profoundly part of the local history, tradition and spirituality. They are not impressive in terms of size, but for the atmosphere full of spirituality they radiate and for the harmonious beauty of their architecture and decoration of Byzantine tradition. Some of them are outstanding monuments of local late medieval art, boasting wonderful frescoes and precious icons. It is worth mentioning that, with very few exceptions, Bucharest’s churches are the only surviving edifices older than 18th century.

A peculiar presence within today Bucharest’s landscape are the churches that were relocated or purposely obscured behind high-rise buildings in the 1980s, during the last years of the communist regime.

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