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About & Tour Photos

Hello, I am Cristina, a personal tour guide providing private guided tours in Bucharest & Romania, and this is my personal web page.

Why book with me?

Reliable and friendly I am an attentive and dedicated person. I carefully plan each tour, doing my best to ensure that my tourists get the most out of their time, and to make them feel at home.

Genuine interest and passion I know my country’s history, culture and heritage, and I endeavor to convey my enthusiasm, while helping foreign visitors to acquire a better understanding of the local culture and spirit.

Not just the cliché information I try to highlight the historical and symbolic significance of a monument, or the cultural identity revealed by the architecture, rather than providing mere data.

Special themed tours I provide a variety of tours, from the classical cultural tours to food & wine tasting tours and special themed tours focusing on the Jewish heritage, Communist past or architecture.

Local knowledge I am born and raised in Bucharest, so I am confident I will be able to explain something you might find unusual, answer your queries and tell you the “hidden secrets” of the place.

I am eager to welcome you in my native city and country, and do my best to make your experience memorable.

This site was entirely created by me and will continue to be enriched with information and photos. My objective, besides offering the best Bucharest private tours, is to create a content-rich touristic resource for the capital of Romania. I wish to increase awareness and provide a better understanding of Romania, and particularly of Bucharest, a fascinating city yet too little known.

All text and images on this site, if not otherwise specified, are copyrighted and may not be used without permission.

Please check the reviews of my tours on my “Testimonials” page.

Please see my tour guide licence here and pictures of my car here.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Cristina, You certainly have a wonderful series of entries about Bucharest and Romania on this website. I hope when I get there eventually that I will be able to take one or more of your tours because with your enthusiasm, experience and insights, it looks like your tours are entertaining, educational and exciting viewing of the city and country. I am currently reading Patrick Leigh Fermor’s book The Broken Road which has a lot about his travels in Romania and Bucharest. He loved the country. Went back many times. (He is now deceased as of 2011, I think) and his colorful exciting writing has got my enthusiasm about visiting the city and country myself, in high gear! Your tours do sound wonderful. Perhaps when I get closer to making actual plans, you will be able to recommend suitable accommodations in the city. Thanks for your great commentary and photos on this website!

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