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I am Cristina, independent tour guide, author and owner of ‘Bucharest Uncovered’, my web page for private tours in Bucharest & Romania.

I wish to help visitors get a better understanding, and ultimately appreciation, of Bucharest and generally Romania, this lesser-known part of Europe with a distinct character -result of a turbulent history and unique cultural experience.


Becoming a guide started as a personal learning and discovery experience for myself.

After the fall of communism, the unbiased history of the country which had been denied to Romanian people for decades was now accessible, and it was possible for my generation to understand and try to reconnect with the past.

As I was reading and re-learning, I started a blog in Romanian language dedicated to Bucharest, sharing old pictures, unpublished photos from personal archives and little pieces of local history, trying to recover the memory of that re-discovered past.

Eventually, this led me to the idea of sharing my passion for history in a different way, and in 2012 I created this web page and had my first guests. It was more like a hobby at the beginning, but 6 years and hundreds of tours later it developed into a full time amazing job.

I feel grateful to be able to communicate, share impressions and show foreign guests around my native city and country, something not conceivable for me during communism.


If you wish to see what visitors have to say feel free to check the reviews of my tours on my “Testimonials” page, or here you may find lots of tour pictures – cherished memories of my tours and people I’ve met.


‘Bucharest Uncovered’ has now become a team, as two passionate and enthusiastic guides, Silvana and Andra joined the project. Please visit their profiles below to meet them! Each has her own experience and style and will put her personal touch into the stories of places you will visit.

English, Spanish, French

My aim as a guide is to offer tourists and expats a fresh and nuanced insight of Bucharest and Romanian society as a whole.

Andra Andra
English, French, Italian

I am fascinated about the peculiarities of Romanian culture. Take for example the unique mix of Romance language, Balkanic genes, orthodox religion, communism, western ideals. Or the endurance and uniformity of the Latin-based language despite the cultural diverse influence of our regions.



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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Cristina, You certainly have a wonderful series of entries about Bucharest and Romania on this website. I hope when I get there eventually that I will be able to take one or more of your tours because with your enthusiasm, experience and insights, it looks like your tours are entertaining, educational and exciting viewing of the city and country. I am currently reading Patrick Leigh Fermor’s book The Broken Road which has a lot about his travels in Romania and Bucharest. He loved the country. Went back many times. (He is now deceased as of 2011, I think) and his colorful exciting writing has got my enthusiasm about visiting the city and country myself, in high gear! Your tours do sound wonderful. Perhaps when I get closer to making actual plans, you will be able to recommend suitable accommodations in the city. Thanks for your great commentary and photos on this website!

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