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Bucharest Uncovered Partner Guides – Andra

English, French, Italian

flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8Hello! I am glad you are here! I would like to take you on a journey to discover the beauty of the places and inhabitants of Bucharest and Romania.

Like many other Romanians, I’ve also left the country. Like many, I returned. After four years of living abroad, I learned to appreciate many things about my native land, which I would gladly share with you.

I’ve studied Art History and I am very passionate about the humanities in general. I am fascinated about the peculiarities of Romanian culture. Take for example the unique mix of Romance language, Balkanic genes, orthodox religion, communism, western ideals. Or the endurance and uniformity of the Latin-based language despite the cultural diverse influence of our regions (Austro-Hungarian, Polish, Bulgarian, Turkish).

I am also passionate about outdoor activities and Bucharest has many such oportunites, ranging from small gardens to the wild, inside “delta” of Vacaresti, where you can even see foxes and otters. In two hours from the city you can also be in the wildest mountains in Europe.

If any of these sound interesting to you or you just want to find out what is going on exciting in the city or where to have the best meals or coffee, please don’t hesitate to contact me and maybe book a tour!

flag-for-france_1f1eb-1f1f7Bonjour! Je suis heureuse que tu sois ici! Je voudrais t’emmener dans un voyage pour découvrir la beauté des lieux et des habitants de Bucarest et de la Roumanie.
Comme plusieurs d’autres Roumains, j’ai quitté le pays. Comme beaucoup d’eux, je suis revenue. Après quatre ans à l’étranger, j’ai appris à apprécier plus mon pays natal et j’aimerais partager ça avec vous.
J’ai étudié l’histoire de l’art et je suis très passionné par les sciences humaines en général. Je suis fasciné par les particularités de la culture roumaine. Prenez par exemple le mélange unique de langue romane, gènes balkaniques, religion orthodoxe, communisme, idéaux occidentaux. Ou encore, la persistance et l’uniformité de la langue malgré la diversité culturelle des influences sur nos régions (Austro-Hongrois, Polonais, Bulgare, Turc etc).
Je suis également passionné par les activités en plein air et Bucarest en a nombreuses opportunités, allant des petits jardins aux grands parcs, comme le “delta” de Văcărești, où tu peux voir même des renards et des loutres. Dans deux heures distance de la ville, on est dans les montagnes les plus sauvages d’Europe.
Si quelque chose ci-dessus t’intéresse ou tu veux simplement savoir ce qui se passe dans la ville ou les meilleurs restaurants ou cafés, n’hésite pas à me contacter et peut-être réserver un tour!

italyCiao! Sono contenta che tu sia qui! Vorrei portarti in un viaggio per scoprire la bellezza dei luoghi e degli abitanti di Bucarest e Romania.
Come molti altri rumeni, ho lasciato anche io il paese. Come tanti, sono tornata. Dopo quattro anni di vita all’estero ho imparato ad apprezzare molte cose sulla mia patria, che mi piaccerebbe condividere con te.
Ho studiato la storia dell’arte e sono molto appassionata di studi umanistici e sociali in genere. Sono affascinata dalle peculiarità della cultura rumena. Prendi come esempio il mix unico di lingua romanza, geni balcanici, religione ortodossa, comunismo, ideali occidentali. O la persistenza e l’uniformità della lingua romanza, nonostante le influenze culturale diverse delle nostre regioni (austrohúngaro, polacco, bulgaro, turco etc).
Sono anche appassionata di attività all’aria aperta e Bucarest ha molteplici tali opportunità, da piccoli giardini fino al “delta” di Vacaresti, dove si possono vedere addirittura volpi e lontra. In due ore dalla città si può anche essere nelle montagne più selvagge d’Europa.
Se qualcosa di questo suona interessante per te o vuoi semplicemente scoprire cosa succede nella città o i migliori ristoranti o caffè, non esitatare a contattarmi e magari prenotare un tour!

Check out some of Andra’s reviews and testimonials – as seen on Trip Advisor
“Excellent tour with Andra”
If you want to learn more about Romania’s experience under Communist rule, I highly recommend this tour! Andra guided me around major sites in Bucharest from the Communist and post-Communist period. She is extremely warm and funny, and made the tour very interactive and personable, full of anecdotes and fascinating details you wouldn’t learn on a more generic tour. I appreciated that prior to the tour she asked about my interests, and she customized it accordingly by including information about Communist-style architecture and tales about the Ceausescu family. Made for a very eventful and fun day.
(BriCZ, Sep 2019).

“Bucharest in a Very Full Day”
Andra met us at our hotel with a smile and lots of great energy and enthusiasm as we began our full day tour. We saw everything and went everywhere. Andra showed us all the must sees in Bucharest and experienced the local cuisine. Her language skills are excellent and she clearly imparted her deep knowledge of Romanian history and culture upon us in an interesting fashion. We had lots of fun and I feel she was an amazing guide and I recommend her highly.
(729Midgel, Sep 2019).

“Afternoon and Night Walking Tours with Andra”
We connected with Andra through Chris and set up two separate walking tours via email before we arrived. We were in Bucharest for two and a half days and could not have enjoyed our time more with the tours given by Andra. The first tour was a day walking tour of old town Bucharest. She showed up promptly at our hotel and she took us on a walking tour of the old town explaining the history as well as the political and social issues throughout the years. We were scheduled for about a four hour tour however she stayed with us for over six hours and enjoyed her company for a late lunch at a place she recommended. And the food was excellent and typical Romanian food and drink. The next evening, Andra took us on a two hour night walking tour which was understatedly beautiful and well worth seeing Bucharest at night! Well, she actually stayed with us for over fours hours and had a lovely dinner with her also. Andra did a wonderful job and we learned so much about Bucharest than we could have on our own. Andra even went way out of her way to assist us in purchasing our train tickets from Bucharest to Brasov and explained how the train system worked in Romania. We would recommend Andra to be your tour guide in Romania… will be very happy with your decision! Andra, thank you for all your assistance and the wonderful detailed guided tours you gave us!
(Crvan, Nov 2018).

“Afternoon Walking Tour of Bucharest with Andra”
My wife, daughter and I had a very informative afternoon walking tour of Bucharest with Andra. Andra was very knowledgeable and we especially enjoyed discussing the relationships between architecture, history, current events, and the social and political climate of the area with her during our tour. Our time in Bucharest was limited (just one afternoon layover before our flight the next morning) and touring the city with Andra allowed us to learn much more about the city than we could have in any other way!
(Ernest D., Aug 2018).

“Excellent Guide”
On a recent visit to Bucharest our group of four adults were very fortunate and pleased to have such a pleasant delightful young lady—Liana Andra Voinea—to spend a day with us on a walking tour of the city and sites. The pace was perfect, questions by her and us were enjoyed by all. We ended up being together from 10 to 5 and had a great time. I would suggest that all go for lunch (our treat) as we did and enjoy the interaction that always occurs around the table. This wasn’t necessarily on the tour but should be!! A special “thanks” to Liana! (Oct 6, 2017).
To request a guided tour or get more information, please use the form below. I will answer every message personally within the next 24 hours. 


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