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Private Bucharest Communism Tour (7-8 hrs)

Visit key sites, monuments and museums in Bucharest associated with the communist regime and Romanian anti-communist revolution of 1989 and get an understanding of what happened in Romania from the establishment of communism to degeneration and collapse.
You will learn how the (in)famous House of the People rose in the heart of the city and gain a better understanding of how Bucharest has been affected in its recent history.

This is a private and personal tour, so I will be there to answer all your questions. We can take our time to sit and talk over a cup of coffee, and I will tell you what you want to know about what was it like to live in Communist Romania.

Bucarest, Palacio del Parlamento

Tour type: historical, museums, city tour

Tour Information

Duration around 7-8 hours 

Prices 120 EUR/tour for up to 4 people, provided on request for larger groups

Activity level moderate; we will visit sites of interest and conveniently transfer by car between them, but please be aware that the visit of the Palace of Parliament involves climbing quite many stairs

– guide and driver service
– transportation by my 2017 Volkswagen Golf, air conditioned
– all parking fees and fuel

Not included the admission fee to the Palace of Parliament (35 Lei/person, equivalent of 8 EUR/person) 

Pick-up, drop-off at your hotel or place of choice (within city limits), starting time at 9:00 or as agreed-upon


• The Revolution Square, the starting point of the demonstrations that led to the fall of the dictatorship – see the building of the Communist Party’s Central Committee and the balcony where the dictator Ceausescu gave his famous last speech before fleeing by helicopter at the onset of the Romanian Revolution; account of the 1989 anticommunist Revolution in Romania, discussion about context and causes; the Revolution Memorial; 

• University Square, a site linked to the dramatic events of the 1989 Revolution in Bucharest, but also essential for what was called the ‘1990 University Square Phenomenon’, a marathon anti-communist rally and crucial episode for the transition from dictatorship 

• Inside guided visit of the House of the People (Palace of Parliament) including the presidential balcony where Ceausescu intended to hold his public speeches. While Ceausescu’s “House of the People” (today home to the Romanian Parliament) is a popular tourist objective, its significance as center and symbol of Ceausescu’s political power and its impact on the city are usually overlooked by the official guided tours. You will learn how the vast House emerged in the heart of the city and gain a better understanding of the last years of communism, and how Bucharest has been affected in its recent history.

• Visit “Memory as a form of Justice”, the permanent exhibition of the “Sighet Memorial” in Bucharest. The Sighet Memorial, a museum of the communist repression in Romania, established 20 years ago (in 1993), in the northern Romanian town of Sighet, in a former notorious political prison. It was the world’s first museum dedicated to the victims of communism. The Sighet Memorial is supported by the International Center for Studies into Communism. The exhibition of the Sighet Memorial in Bucharest is a moving account of the establishment of the communist regime in Romania, anti-communist resistance and repression.

Casa Scanteii (“House of the Spark”, presently known as the House of Free Press), a Stalinist era symbol standing among the most interesting edifices in Bucharest, the only one bearing the “Hammer and Sickle” and other communist insignia


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To request a guided tour or get more information, please use the form below. I will answer every message personally within the next 24 hours, providing details of availability, booking and payment. 

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