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Targoviste: Princely Court of Dracula & The Last Days of Ceausescu 1-Day Tour

The small town of Targoviste a short trip from Bucharest is linked with the two most (in)famous figures of Romanian history. Explore the vestiges of the Princely Court of Targoviste where the terrible Prince Vlad Dracula held residence, and visit the place of dramatic events of the late communist dictator Ceausescu trial and execution!

Targoviste Princely Court of Vlad Dracula and Last Days of Ceausescu day tour from Bucharest


If you are looking for a day trip out of Bucharest, consider this off the beaten path itinerary to the historic town of Târgoviște. This small, quiet town located at the southern fringes of the Carpathian Mountains, about 50 mi northwest of Bucharest, was in its hey days the early princely seat of the medieval Principality of Wallachia, the region southern part of modern-day Romania. Some of the first Romanian princes ruled from Targoviste, including the fascinating Prince Vlad Dracula.

Targoviste was also the scene of dramatic events in Romanian recent history, as it was the place where trial and execution of the late communist dictator Ceausescu and his wife took place!

Tour type: history, heritage, culture

From Bucharest to Targoviste Day Trip


The vestiges of the Princely Palace of Wallachia – climb to the top of Chindia Tower from where Vlad Dracula used to survey the surroundings, explore the medieval walls and vaults, and admire the superb Byzantine frescoes of the Princely Church. 
The ‘Museum of Communism’ – visit the local garrison where former communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife spent their last days, and where the dramatic trial and execution of the couple took place.
Dealu Monastery – located on a hill near Targoviste, this monastic complex is an important monument of  local medieval architecture

Tour Information

approx. 10 hours

220 EUR/tour/1-2 people

240 EUR/tour/3 people

Activity level
medium physical demands 

What’s included
– hotel pick-up and drop-off
– driver/guide fee
– transportation by private car, a 2017 Volkswagen Golf, air conditioned, for up to 3-4 people
– all parking fees and fuel

What’s extra
– admission fees (approx. 7 EUR/person the cost of all admission fees)
– the food & drink you choose to buy; consider about 16 EUR/person the cost of two-course meal and drink to a local restaurant 
– optional photo fees (around 3 EUR/person) 

Pick-up, drop-off
at your hotel or other location in Bucharest

What to expect

We start in the morning traveling north-west to Targoviste, passing through villages, occasion to see local rural life. Arrival in Targoviste and set out to discover the 14th-16th c. vestiges of the Princely Court of Wallachia, learn a bit of local medieval history and about the fascinating prince and hero Vlad Dracula. The platform on the top of Chindiei Tower offers a panoramic view of the entire Princely Court Complex and for art lovers, the Princely Church boasts superb frescoes, wonderful example of the local late medieval art.

After exploring the ruins of the Princely Court we will have a short walk around Targoviste’s Old Town, and stop for lunch/snack or a refreshing drink to a local restaurant.

Next, we visit the local garrison, place of memory where the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife spent their last days before being executed in December 1989 during the anticommunist revolution. 

Later, short trip by car just off Targoviste to visit Dealu Monastery, one of the most important monuments of religious architecture in Wallachia.

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