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Image of Old Bucharest in Painting by Theodor Aman

February 21, 2020

Oil painting by Romanian artist Theodor Aman, part of the collection of Theodor Aman Museum. (‘View from artist’s small studio’ -‘Privire din atelierul cel mic al pictorului’, 1870)

It represents the wife of the artist, sitting at the window situated at the upper floor of their house. What is interesting is the view we see from the window. The house, now the Theodor Aman museum, is still there, just a few steps away from the former Royal Palace in central Bucharest. The same window seen in the picture still exists. And this is how Bucharest was looking like in 1870, about the time the young Karl of Hohenzollern arrived as a ruling Prince to his new country!

We see a church on the left, the towers of a couple of other churches, and some wooden houses amid wasteland and gardens. It is an extraordinary document of the tremendous transformation of the city in the late 19th century, as just two-three decades later, the area will be completely changed. The church on the left stood on the very spot where the Romanian Athenaeum was built in 1881.


Theodor Aman painting

Theodor Aman is considered the first modern Romanian painter. About Theodor Aman Museum read more on my site here:

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  1. Gabriela Simion permalink

    Beautiful architecture and construction made to last for centuries. We’re lucky to see them after all those years. And the classic artists painters also very remarkable.

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