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Little Art Deco Gem in the Former Jewish Quarter

March 9, 2020

Bucharest is full of delightful architectural gems scattered around the city in virtually every corner (in a spectacular state of disrepair…).

This lovely little Art Deco villa is such an example, of what you can find when exploring the old neighborhoods. I’ve discovered it a few days ago, while walking around tucked away streets in the area of the former Jewish quarter.

There are in Bucharest more impressive Art Deco buildings adorning the large boulevards, but I particularly love these ingenious little villas, often just a two-story single-family villa. They show sometimes amazing design and can be so expressive. (photo March 2020)


Art Deco Villa BucharestArt Deco villa central Bucharest

Bucharest has a wealth of fine Art Deco buildings. If interested to discover some of the best Art Deco and Modernist landmarks and attractive hidden Art Deco gems check up my Bucharest Art Deco & Modernism Private Architecture Tour or just contact me to arrange a private tour.

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  1. Ruth Nawrocki permalink

    I lived in Bucharest from March 1997- June 2000 and used to love walking around the city and finding these amazing buildings! There were so many and they always filled me with amazement and joy – with their unexpected angles and whimsical curves (such as a round window in a rectangular area). I loved the combination of 19th century – 1940s architecture, and even, in a way, the contrast with the stark, utilitarian, communist-era bloc buildings. Thank you for posting these pictures – they made me smile.

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