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Vanishing Bucharest

House on Strada Traian (photo Sep. 2013)

Strada Traian is a street in the eastern part of Bucharest, representative for the identity of the city, connecting the cultural and economic reference areas Dudesti, Calarasi (Piata Traian) and Foisorul de Foc. Traditionally, Traian neighborhood had both a commercial and residential character. Most of the houses date to the late 19th century up to the WWII, and belonged mainly to the middle and lower middle class.
Presently many of them are in poor condition, dilapidated or abandoned. The deserted house below, covered with vines, is a relic of the traditional Bucharest, soon to collapse or be demolished. (MORE PICTURES HERE)

Houses Strada Traian Bucharest Sep 2013

Porch House, Calea Calarasi (photo Dec. 2011)

Rare 19th century semi-rural porch house in the central-eastern area of Bucharest. These ‘peasant’ houses, unusual occurrences for a European capital city in the 21st century, represent surviving traces of the patriarchal rural Bucharest. (MORE PICTURES HERE)
Porch house, Calea Calarasi Bucharest

House on Strada Matasari (photo Oct 2011)
House Matasari street Bucharest

House on Calea Rahovei (photo July 2013)

House on Strada George Georgescu (photo Aug 2011)

Casa strada George Georgescu fosta Rahovei Bucuresti

Houses on Strada 11 Iunie (photo Nov 2011)

Closeup houses 11 iunie street Bucharest Nov 2011

One Comment
  1. Doru M. permalink

    A wonderful idea!

    Walking the area of Traian, and indeed what is left of Maximilian Popper (prev. Trinitatii), Vulturilor, etc., one cannot avoid wondering what will be fate of all those neglected and/or abandoned buildings, once homes full of families with their lively and energetic life, with their joys and with their sorrows. There will be nobody to remember and here Cris memorialises them!

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