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Theodor Aman Museum

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Thedor Aman Museum Bucharest

The large studio of the museum house, with the cabinet sculpted by Theodor Aman himself, preserves the atmosphere of the time when the artist lived there

In the heart of Bucharest, a few steps away from the Palace Square and the Romanian Athenaeum, a worthwhile stop is the remarkable Theodor Aman Museum. The house where Romanian artist Theodor Aman (1831-1891) lived and had his studio offers a glimpse into the life and work of the first modern Romanian artist.

After completing his academic studies in Paris, Theodor Aman returned to his country and soon established himself as a talented artist, working as a painter, sculptor and engraver. He came to be considered the best Romanian artist of his time and was one of the founders of the first School of Fine Arts in the Romanian Principalities, in 1863. His house became the favorite gathering place of the highbrows of the society of the time.

The house itself, whose construction started in 1868, is unique in Bucharest through the unusual exterior ornamentation. The main facade, facing the street, is adorned with bas-reliefs evoking the classical mythology, and effigies of Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. Everything was made based on design of Aman himself, who also decorated the walls of the lobby inside the house with historical scenes representing defining battles in Romanian history. All these exterior and interior decorations with references to the classical culture and local history show the intent of Theodor Aman to educate his people and instill ideals and moral values. The house reflects the belief of the artist, characteristic for the cultural elites of his generation, that art can foster civilization and progress, in a time when the young country was in full process of westernization and cultural awakening.

According to the will of Theodor Aman, his house was donated to the state after his death, and became the first residence of an artist to be turned into a museum in Romania.

Theodor Aman bust by Karl Storck

Theodor Aman, bust by sculptor Karl Storck

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