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Bucharest Uncovered Partner Guides – Silvana

English, Spanish, French
flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8Hello! I am Silvana, a personal tour guide at your service. Welcome to Romania!
Let my still young age not fool you – I am a BA of Art History with a master’s degree in Museum Studies and keen interest in social history, responsible tourism and life-long learning. I speak fluent English, Spanish and French and decent Italian and Catalan. At the moment I am learning Turkish.
Born and raised in Bucharest, I know the city’s most surprising details and “juicy” stories which I am eager to share with you on the private half-day or full-day tours you will find on this website. Bucharest is also a perfect start point for other exciting tours around Romania. I will be more than glad to guide you through my country’s beautiful geography and intricate history.

Bucharest tour with SilvanaMy aim as a guide is to offer tourists and expats a fresh and nuanced insight of Bucharest and Romanian society as a whole. It is my strong belief that things are never black and white and that both history and present-day reality should be looked upon in as broad a context as possible. Therefore on my tours I do my best to provide more than so called “facts” and numbers. Instead I try to offer different social and cultural perspectives of the places we visit and the historical events related to them. Rest assure that all my tours are carefully prepared in advance and will be adapted to your specific needs and interests.

I am a big lover of art in all its forms and a very active inhabitant of Bucharest, always up-to-date with all the interesting events going on around town – on my tours you will surely get useful tips about what to see and do while here.

Have a look at my uniquely designed tour ‘Urban Archaeology Tour – A Day in Real Life Bucharest’!
Got any questions or suggestions? Or want to book a tour? Just fill in the form below and I will get back to you in no time!

flag-for-spain_1f1ea-1f1f8Hola. Bienvenid@ a Rumanía! Me llamo Silvana.
Soy licenciada en Historia del Arte y autorizada como guía de turísmo. Hablo Castellano, Ingles y Frances con fluidez. També parlo una mica de Català perquè he viscut a Barcelona durant uns anys.

He nacido en Bucarest y es aquí donde he pasado la mayor parte de mi vida. Conozco bien todos los rincones de esa ciudad tan versátil y me encantaría compartir contigo el amor que le tengo a traves de muchas historias y paseos por los sitios más sorprendentes. Bucarest es también un lugar ideal para salidas de uno o varias días a descubrir los sitios más hermosos de Rumanía.

Mi proposito como guía es ayudarte a tener una vista compleja y matizada de la Rumanía pasada y la de hoy. A traves de los recorridos que irás encontrando en esta pagina web procuro ofrecer distinctas perspectivas socio-culturales de los sitios que vamos viendo y de las historias relacionadas. Todos mis tours son privados, flexibles y atentamente adaptados a tus intereses y necesidades especificas.
Echa un vistazo a mis visitas guiadas en Bucarest! Si tienes preguntas o ya sabes cuál tour te gustaría hacer no dudes en escribirme a través del formulario de abajo. Hasta bien pronto!

flag-for-france_1f1eb-1f1f7Salut. Bienvenue a Roumanie! Moi c’est Silvana, guide touristique autorisée à votre disposition.
Je suis licenciée en Histoire de l’art et pasionée d’histoire sociale et tourisme responsable (parmi d’autres). Je parle couramment Anglais, Français et Espagnol et je me débrouille aussi en Italian et Catalan.
Née et élevée a Bucarest, je vous invite à découvrir ensemble le charme discret de cette ville éclectique et toujours surprenant. Bucarest est aussi un idéal point de départ pour plein de beaux voyages à travers la Roumanie.

Mon objectif comme guide touristique est d’offrir une perspective approfondie et nuancée sur la société roumaine d’aujourd’hui en explorant son passé mouvementé. J’essaye faire ça par les nombreux tours presentés sur ce site – tous privés, flexibles et adaptés à vos intérêts et besoins particuliers.
Pour en savoir plus ou faire des reservations n’hésitez pas à me contacter à travers le formulaire ci-dessous. Je vais vous repondre dans le plus bref délai.

Check out some of Silvana’s rave reviews and testimonials – as seen on Trip Advisor
A personal tour with the most pleasant guide
‘We had only a few hours in Bucharest before we began a cruise on the Danube River but we wanted to know more about the Jewish history of Bucharest. Silvana Rapeanu was our guide and boy was she knowledgeable! We had only a few hours and from the moment she met us at our hotel we were transported in history. What a fabulous guide. We can’t say enough. No matter where your interests lie: full day, half day or anything else. You name it they will come through!’ (Zoeopa, June 2019)

Amazing day with Silvana
‘We had an outstanding day with Silvana. She tuned into our interests very quickly and was insightful, warm and super intelligent. Cannot recommend more highly.’ (Ian, June 2019)

Walking Tour with Silvana Râpeanu
“Silvana Rapeanu was the best. She asked for our interests and made a walking tour through Bucharest specific for us. I loved about her that she is very smart, has a lot of knowledge and very good and critical analyzations. She explained so many things to us about the history of the city and the rise and fall of the communist regime in Romania. I really loved that she is critical and looks at every aspect, her explanations mirrored the complexity of reality (where actions and historic events are very complex and not black & white either). After that she even showed us a very nice restaurant and had dinner with us, followed by a visit of the coolest bar, where we danced together to great music. I really had the best time with her and I can recommend her highly! Thank you for that!
Best wishes
Pascal Pajic” (Pascal, July 2018)

Walking Tour of Bucharest with Silvana
“My best decision during my trip to Bucharest was to do a walking tour with Silvana of the city. I regret doing Sinaia without her. She is very informative, progressive and fun. What I loved is she is very flexible with the plan for the day. She wants you to get the most out of your day. During my history tour she would make quick stops at flea markets (of course I was interested) and take you through streets which would have taken me forever to find. She respected my dietary restrictions and took me to an awesome restaurant.
I highly recommend her and will try and do some out of town trips with her during my next visit.” (Manushi, June 2018)

Bucharest with an Insider
“In early May 2018 I was traveling solo and had a very brief window of opportunity to explore Bucharest. I booked Silvana’s “Urban Archeology” tour (offered through “Tours by Cris”) because it sounded like a perfect match for my interests and allowed for the flexibility I needed.Silvana met me at the train station when I arrived and became my shepherd, my teacher, and my friend for the next six hours. We walked all over the city center while I peppered her with incessant questions. She was incredibly knowledgeable about the city, its history, politics, art, and ambitions for the future. There were no subjects off-limits and no questions she wouldn’t answer.

Silvana has a wonderful sense of humor, an unquenchable enthusiasm, and a warm and generous nature. Under her guidance I came to know more about this wonderful city than I thought possible. I highly recommend Silvana to help you make the most of your time in Bucharest.” (Cmorbsf, US, May 2018)

Tour por la Bucarest comunista
“Increíble tour con nuestra guía Silvana, tour que duró aproximadamente 7 horas y se paso como un suspiro. Gracias Silvana por hacernos pasar un día inolvidable por las calles de Bucarest. Buenas explicaciones sobre la Bucarest comunista, y gracias por transmitirnos tu entusiasmo. Sin duda recomendaría el tour al 100%.” (traveler from Spain, May 2018)

Amazing food & history tour with Silvana
“My wife & I and our 11-year-old niece visited Bucharest for a long weekend.
We always look for a food & history tour of a city because food & history are so often intertwined. We came across Silvana via a recommendation & were delighted that we did.
The tour started mid-morning at a local market, before heading to a delicatessen for cheese & cold cuts. We explored a number of landmarks brought to life by Silvana by means of lots of interesting facts & stories.
We moved onto lunch at a non-chain restaurant in the Old Town during which we spoke of all sorts of subjects on history & culture.
After lunch we explored old inns & churches before heading for desert at the famous Caru cu Bere restaurant.
Finally Silvana walked us back to our hotel via other fascinating sights, such as the old stock exchange.
We had an excellent time & got so much out of the day. We really feel like we have sampled loads of Romanian culture and history. Silvana was incredibly knowledgeable and very friendly. We couldn’t recommend highly enough.” (Timothy, UK, Oct 2017)

“Day Tour of Bucharest with Silvana”
“I was referred to Silvana from Chris since Chris was booked on the day I requested. I had no idea what to expect and couldn’t be more pleased. Silvana was amazing. From the start she emailed back and forth with me to get a feel for what I wanted and accommodated me in every way. From the minute we met I was so happy to have her show me around. She speaks fluent English and has such a passion for what she does and her knowledge of the history and culture of Bucharest and Romania is perfection. She took me to places I would never have found on my own or with a tour group. She educated me on the way of life in Bucharest and really gave me a feel for what it’s like to live there. I was having such a great day with her that I asked her to join me for lunch and to my surprise she agreed. We had such a nice time and I truly feel like she was more than just a tour guide but that I made a new friend. I highly recommend her for a tour. She will customize it to your interests and you will not be disappointed. Take my advice, if you’re considering booking a tour with Silvana please do, you will be so happy that you did!!! Thank you Silvana for making my day in Bucharest a memorable one:)” (Lisa, US, Oct 2017)

“Wonderful Day in Bucharest”
“My wife and I were very fortunate to spend a wonderful day in Bucharest with our very knowledgeable guide, Silvana Rapeanu, and her expert driver.
We toured the Jewish section of Bucharest and what we saw and heard was a stunning revelation. In the second part of our tour, Silvana gave us lots of information about the Communist era and insight into life in that time , and into life in present day Bucharest.
Silvana is a lovely person who is very passionate about her city and her country.
We cannot recommend her highly enough as a tour guide.” (Michael, Canada, Sep 2017)

Lunch with Penny and Michael during Bucharest city tour

To request a guided tour or get more information, please use the form below. I will answer every message personally within the next 24 hours. 

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