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The Stunning Interior Decoration of Paulescu National Institute

February 9, 2020

Some time ago I had the surprise to come across this house that preserves its sumptuous original Neo-Romanian style interior (at least in the central lobby).

The Neo-Romanian style is the national Romanian architectural style that reached its peak in the second decade of the past century, and left a distinct and special character to the local built landscape. The Neo-Romanian style expressed itself not only in architecture, but in architectural decoration and decorative art such as furniture.

There are in Bucharest many villas in Neo-Romanian style, easily recognizable from their sturdy, citadel-like look, and because most of them have a tower, a characteristic feature of this style. Most of the times they are private or public properties you can not get to see inside. Some of these wonderful houses one can admire inside as well, most of them serving as cafes, restaurants or museums -and I was delighted to discover one I didn’t know about, and so well preserved. I particularly liked the ‘fire place’ (radiator mask).
I was not able to find on the internet details regarding the architect or year  – but it should be from the 1920s. The house is located in the vicinity of Piata Gemeni (Gemeni Market), and close to the better known Lahovary House (important work of prominent architect Ion Mincu, on the grounds of Cantacuzino Hospital). From outside it doesn’t look impressive, because of its poor condition. The surprise comes when you enter inside. It was probably expropriated during the communism regime (as it was the case with thousands of properties in Bucharest) and serves currently as a national medical institute for public health (”Institutul National Paulescu”). (Pictures taken Nov 2018)


If you wish to learn about the Romanian national architecture and discover some of the most iconic buildings in this style in Bucharest -or if you wish to explore Bucharest and discover its amazing built landscape and see the most beautiful architectural landmarks- contact me to arrange a private tour for you.

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