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Two Icons of the Iconostasis of Russian Church, Bucharest

February 11, 2020

Icons of the iconostasis of the Russian Church (1905-1909), a treasure trove in the historical center of Bucharest.

The exquisitely detailed iconostasis, in carved and gilded wood, was executed at Moscow. The main icons of the iconostasis are credited to one of the most important representatives of the Russian Revival movement, the Russian artist Viktor Vasnetsov (1848-1926. His most noted work is the façade of Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow).

The monumental interior mural decoration, the icons of the iconostasis, the polychrome mosaics that decorate the exterior of the church are amazing. The style is Neo-Russian (Russian Revival), rendered in the Art Nouveau language of the era. Art Nouveau monuments are rare in Bucharest (the other wonderful church also featuring the Art Nouveau style is Amzei Church).

”The St. Nicholas Russian Church in Bucharest is one of the rare Russian churches of the 20th century and one of the last achievements in the history of Russian religious architecture, brutally interrupted by the atheist Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.”

Also, the Russian Church in Bucharest is very much reminiscent of the lost Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Warsaw, built about the same time with the one in Bucharest (completed in 1912, demolished in mid 1920s), both symbols of prestige of the Romanov Russian Imperial family.


The Russian Church, Bucharest - Icon of the iconostasis

Icon of the iconostasis, Russian Church, Bucharest

St Nicholas Russian Church Bucharest


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  1. Gabriela Simion permalink

    Wow ! so beautiful…it’s a treasure of artistic style…

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