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Jewish Gravestones in Giurgiului Jewish Cemetery

February 14, 2020

Pictures of Jewish gravestones overgrown with weeds in the Giurgiului Jewish cemetery in the southern suburbs of Bucharest, taken during one of my Jewish tours. Hovering in the background, the slum area of Ferentari district.

There are three large Jewish cemeteries in Bucharest, reminiscent of the once vibrant Jewish life, all of them fascinating places, sadly neglected. Because of the massive emigration to Israel immediately after WWII and then during communism, those who would be caring for the graves of their loved ones have left. The shrinking, aging Jewish population in Bucharest comprises less than 2000 residents now. The small Jewish community is overwhelmed by cemetery upkeep.

Giurgiului Jewish Cemetery was set up in 1930 in the southern outskirts of the city, and it’s actually the largest one in Bucharest (approximately 35,000-40,000 tombs). Here were buried the victims of the pogrom of January 1941 in Bucharest. (pictures taken July 2016)


Gravestones Bucharest Jewish Cemetery GiurgiuluiJewish gravestones Giurgiului Jewish Cemetery Bucharest

If interested in the local Jewish history and heritage visit my Bucharest Jewish Heritage Private Tour page. It is possible to include a visit to Giurgiului Jewish Cemetery or another of Bucharest’s Jewish cemeteries. If you have a more personal interest I can help you with researching cemetery registers prior to your arrival.


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