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Outside Bucharest – Snagov Monastery & Mogosoaia Palace Private Tour (6 hrs)

Short trip outside Bucharest to Snagov Monastery and Mogosoaia Palace.
Follow in the footsteps of Vlad the Impaler by visiting his alleged burial place, Snagov Monastery. Apart from the beguiling stories, this monastery, situated on an islet of the lake Snagov north of Bucharest, is a treasure of local medieval art. Then visit Mogosoaia Palace, former residence of Prince of Wallachia Constantin Brancoveanu, essential landmark of Romanian art and culture.

Tour-type: culture, art, history

! The tour is not available on Mondays when Mogosoaia Palace is closed

• visit of Snagov Monastery, beautiful monument of local medieval art and architecture
• learn everything about Vlad Dracula the Impaler, who inspired Bram Stoker’s fictional character Count Dracula
• visit of Mogosoaia Palace, former summer residence of Prince of Wallachia Constantin Brancoveanu, essential landmark of Romanian art and culture
• insights into local history and art history

Tour Details


6 hours


150 EUR/tour/1-3 people, provided on request for larger groups

What’s included

  • Transportation by personal car, a 2017 Volkswagen Golf air conditioned for up to 3 people
  • All parking fees and fuel
  • Guide/driver fee

Not included 

  • Entrance fees to Mogosoaia Palace and Snagov Monastery – 21 Lei/person, equivalent of 5 Eur/person
  • The optional photo fees at Snagov and Mogosoaia – total of 30 Lei/camera, or 6 EUR/camera
  • The cost of food and drink of your choice; consider the cost of a regular meal to a local restaurant around 80 Lei/person, equivalent of 17 Eur/person

Pick-up, drop-off  

At your hotel or place of choice (within city limits) 

Program and details
Start your tour heading towards the secluded Snagov Monastery, hidden on an islet of Snagov lake, 40 km drive north of Bucharest. We will pass through a village before crossing a bridge to the islet. Visit of the monastery, and I will explain you about the history of the place and about the real Vlad the Impaler, the fascinating prince and hero.

The monastery boasts the original 16th century frescoes, considered the largest ensemble of medieval murals preserved in Romania.

Then tour continues to Mogosoaia to visit the palace built in the late 17th century by Prince of Wallachia Constantin Brancoveanu. The Brancovan Palaces complex that includes the palace, other adjacent buildings and gardens, sprawls over a large area on the banks of a lake, in a beautiful natural setting.

Prince Brancoveanu was a remarkable personality of Romanian history. A highly cultivated humanist, he managed to associate his name to an unprecedented art renewal in which local and Byzantine-Ottoman tradition, Renaissance and Baroque were mixed, giving birth to an original and magnificent style known as the “Brancovan style”. The Palace of Mogosoaia is emblematic of this Brancovan style which was to become a turning point in the history of the Romanian art.

After visiting the palace and the gardens, we will have a refreshing drink or lunch at the restaurant, before returning to Bucharest.
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To request a guided tour or get more information, please use the form below. I will answer every message personally within the next 24 hours, providing details of availability, booking and payment. 

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