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The Brancovan Palaces of Mogosoaia

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“There are places where (…) time seems to stop in order to materialize itself in harmonious forms. Mogosoaia is such a place, meant to last, detached from the present times in order to present to the fleeting fashions an image of the Romanian permanence.

Mogosoaia is not only a princely residence, a lonely setting of a great ruler. Mogosoaia is a realm, an entire part of a country, a landscape emerged from imagery, founded by the creative endeavour of generations that organized their lives according to their principles and their aspirations…. Mogosoaia is not only the image of the past, but just as well the expression of a live present, and the testimony of a becoming. This is why Mogosoaia occupies such a special place among the historical monuments of Romania”.

This is how the refined and erudite architect G.M. Cantacuzino, who would restore the palace of Mogosoaia during the period between the two World Wars, described the special attraction of the place.

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