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Babele Plateau & Sphinx of Bucegi Tour September 2013

October 2, 2013

I had a memorable trip to Babele Plateau in the Bucegi Mountains during one of my recent tours, and made new friends in the process! We ended the day by having a cup of tea (and sharing a cabbage salad:) in the most perfect place we could have wished for:)

It was terribly windy up on the plateau, but getting to the Sphinx of Bucegi was mission accomplished:)

Just opposite the train station we found by chance a nice restaurant (Casa Taraneasca). Unpretentious, warm ambiance, simple and tasty Romanian food, and everything arrived in the blink of an eye! We each had a cup of hot tea, shared a cabbage salad and had the steak and fries packed just in time to catch the train:)


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