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The Romanian Patriarchal Cathedral (1658)

Take your time and browse through my Bucharest city tours to choose the one which suits you best! The Romanian Patriarchal Cathedral is included in my Full Day Bucharest City Tour.

From the Union Square (“Piata Unirii”), an alley leads up to the Mitropoly Hill, a site of high symbolic and historic significance. The 17th century Cathedral standing on the small hill in the heart of Bucharest has always been the center of Romanian Orthodox faith and a national symbol. 

Several remarkable historical buildings are clustered around the majestic Cathedral. On the South-Eastern side of the plateau can be found the former Palace of the Chamber of Deputies (1904), a monumental portico building with a characteristic dome, which sheltered back in the days the National Assembly, and later the country’s Parliament. On the Western side there is the Patriarchal Palace (1935), residence of the Patriarch, and its Chapel (1723) with the Brancovan style porch. To the East rises the Bell Tower (1698), the only remaining vestige of the original walled precinct.

The Mitropoly Hill witnessed major historic events. It was here that on 24th of January 1859 the Elective Assembly voted The Unification of the Romanian Principalities of Wallachia and Moldova, by choosing Alexander Ioan Cuza as Prince of both countries. On the Mitropoly Hill were later proclaimed the Independence of the country (1878) and the Kingdom (1881).

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