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The Officers’ Circle Palace (1911-1923)

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Resembling the Opera Garnier in Paris, The Officers’ Circle Palace (the construction started in 1911 but due to occurrence of the WWI, it was officially inaugurated only in 1923) is one of the most beautiful and representative buildings in Bucharest. The architect, Dimitrie Maimarolu, was among the Romanian architects who promoted the Beaux-Arts school’s models which changed the appearance of the city in the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The edifice was built for the Officers’ Circle of the Bucharest military garrison, organization of the Romanian Army officers founded in 1876. The palace was famous for the glamorous balls held there in the period between the two world wars. (see an old picture of the Officer’s Palace)

The fountain in front of the Officers’ Circle Palace bears the name of the old Sarindar monastery, the earliest edifice on site.

The Officers’ Circle Palace is today the central cultural institution of the Romanian army. The sumptuous interiors are currently used for various cultural events, book launches, painting exhibitions, art auctions and for representation and protocol purposes.

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