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April 9, 2019

Cristina is passionate about Bucharest’s history and Architecture, its people, from the kings and nobles to the old neighborhoods. It emanates from her and one can see it’s real and in no way contrived. This is a person who loves the subject, and knowledgeable also. I have a Masters in History so i have a little knowledge myself on the quality of someones insight into period and place and I can categorically state that she meets the highest of standards. She has something that makes the difference between the cold facts, which can often be dull and lifeless, she has the ability to communicate her enthusiasm for the subject and to make it come alive, there is no higher recommendation as to why you would choose a guide like Cristina. Her qualities as a guide are superb, she is genuinely a person that cares that the information is understood and would answer any question asked. We spent a wonderful day with this woman and when we next want to visit a region or a specific historical site it is to Cristina our first call will be. Thank you for a wonderful day.

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