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April 9, 2019

During my short trip to Bucharest, I booked the Rucar-Bran Pass, Bran Castle and Carpathians day tour with Cristina. This trip was simply AMAZING: Romania and especially the Carpathians mountains are gorgeous for sure, but there is a kind of specialness that is added to the whole experience with Cristina. Despite having read about the history of Romania, getting insights from Cristina gives you a real feel of the past, present and future. I learned so much from her through our great conversations. Above all, she is a genuine person and she can make you feel very strong emotions about her country by sharing her love for Romania with you. After such an amazing day tour, I also went on the Bucharest city tour with her, and again, it was totally worth it! If you want to experience Romania from a local’s perspective and really understand and feel its historical core, go with Cristina! She will make your trip a memorable one, and you will leave Romania richer!

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