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Bucharest’s Old Neighbourhoods: Armenian, Negustori, Mantuleasa (14)

The specific mix of 19th century French architectural influences  and a patriarchal and Balkan spirit is reflected in the city’s old residential neighborhoods Armenian, Negustori and Mantuleasa, which I warmly invite you to discover.
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The city’s oldest houses preserved to our days date from the second half of the 19th century to the early 20th century, a period that largely coincides with the reign of Carol I (1866-1914). The common type of houses of the time were the one-story or two-story houses and villas that widely adopted ornaments from historicist styles after French model, seen on more prestigious homes or public buildings: garlands, frames, window keystones, pediments, mouldings etc. These heavy decorations used regardless of the size of the building, even on rather humble houses, are usually combined with indigenous elements (like the wooden eave brackets) in a provincial, naive manner, resulting in a very picturesque style, characteristic to the “Little Paris” of the Balkans.

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