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Old Ceramic Stoves at Silvestru Church in Bucharest

Two old stoves with hand painted ceramic tiles at the Silvestru Church in Bucharest. Photos taken 08 Jan 2013


Ceramic stove Silvestru Church Bucharest
Ceramic stove Silvestru Church
Inscription with the manufacturer's name on ceramic stove, Silvestru Church Bucharest
Ceramic stove, Silvestru Church Bucharest

Stove with hand painted tiles with biblical scenes Silvestru Church Bucharest

Stove with hand painted tiles, representing the Virgin and Child, St Demetrios (Sf Dumitru) on a black horse defeating the gladiator Lyaeus (Lie; symbolically, as St Demetrios defeated the gladiator by praying), and St George on a white horse killing the Dragon.

Hand painted stove tile with Baptism of Christ scene, Silvestru Church Bucharest

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