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Miorita Fountain (1936), remarkable Art Deco monument of Bucharest

July 21, 2012

One of the most remarkable art monuments in Bucharest is “Miorita fountain”, which greets the visitor at the northern entrance to the city. The mosaics set in stone evoke the beautiful Romanian popular ballad “Miorita” (“The little ewe”). The graceful black and white mosaics, work of the Romanian avantgarde artist Milita Petrascu, are also a wonderful example of the Art Deco style.

“Miorita” is the story of three shepherds, two of whom are planning to kill the third in order to steal his fortune. An enchanted ewe, able to foresee the future, reveals the plan to the third shepherd, her master. But instead of preparing to defend himself and save his life, the shepherd accepts his doom, and tells Miorita how and where he wishes to be buried – next to his flock of sheep, with a flute placed by his head, so that when the wind blows, his sheep and dogs would hear the sound of the flute, and would gather to grieve him. He asks Miorita to tell everybody -except his grieving mother- that he married a princess, “the world’s bride”…

“Miorita” is the most important Romanian national myth-ballad and presents a specific vision of life and death.


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