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Oprea Soare House (1910), architect Petre Antonescu

March 14, 2012

This beautiful Neo-Romanian style villa with the characteristic “citadel-like” look is the  “Oprea Soare” house, built in 1910 on the designs of Petre Antonescu, a leading figure of the Romanian school of architecture. The house was commissioned for Oprea Soare, the prosperous descendant of a master furrier, the head of the Furriers guild in Bucharest.

Situated close to the banks of the Dambovita river, in the vicinity of Sf Apostoli Church, the house is reminiscent of the once elegant Sf Apostoli neighborhood, heavily affected by the urban transformation project carried on during the 1980s, the last decade of communist dictatorship, which resulted in extended demolitions and a loss of valuable built patrimony.

If you are interested in discovering the unique Neo-Romanian style architecture, please contact me to arrange a guided private tour to include Oprea Soare House and other iconic Neo-Romanian landmarks in Bucharest.

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