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Sf Apostoli Church (1636)

Sf. Apostoli Church (1636), one of the oldest preserved and most valuable sacred heritage in Bucharest, belongs to the reign of Matei Basarab (1632-1654), whose peaceful and flourishing era was a happy exception in those times when the invasions, internal struggles for power, fires and robberies were a common place. The church is most representative of the 17th century ecclesiastical architecture.

The Sf Apostoli neighborhood is presently one of the city’s areas harshly affected by the transformations of the last years of communist dictatorship, when extended demolitions were part of the urban planning  intended to replace the old Bucharest with a new socialist-type city. Once the “heart” of the Sf Apostoli mahala (“mahala” coming from the Turkish “mahalle” is the name of the city’s old wards), Sf Apostoli church is both a vestige of the medieval city and a remnant of its lost neighborhood.

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