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Bucharest 1900s Architecture – House Frieze Under Eaves

November 20, 2018

Flamboyant frieze under the eaves of a characteristic Bucharest wagon-type “Little Paris” style house of the 1900s – in this case from 1902 as the year is inscribed above the main entrance. (Parfumului Street area, central Bucharest, pictures taken Jan 2013)


Frieze under the eaves of Bucharest houseFrieze under the eaves Bucharest house

  1. Doron Midroni permalink

    I must have passed by this house so many times and I never noticed this beauty…

  2. A true beauty isn’t it:) Se află chiar pe Strada Parfumului, după biserica Ceauș Radu și puțin înainte de intersecția cu Matei Basarab:)

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