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Old Inn-type House in Bucharest’s Former Jewish Area

July 28, 2014

19th century inn-type house with entrance passage and interior courtyard. Not many such edifices, characteristic of the regional architecture and the atmosphere of the Balkan Bucharest, survived to the present day. The house is located on Anton Pann street, in the former, mostly Jewish, residential area lying to the east of the historical downtown (Lucaci – Traian neighborhood). To the south, the street used to communicate with Dudesti street, the main axis of the historical Dudesti neighborhood, until the demolitions that occurred in the 1980s brutally disrupted the street network.

If interested to learn more about the Jewish history in Bucharest and Romania, and explore Bucharest’s former Jewish area, please contact me.

19th century inn-type house with entrance passage, Anton Pann street Bucharest19th century inn type house with entrance passage Anton Pann street central Bucharest

(photos taken Jan 2010)


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