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Patrauti Church (1487)

June 26, 2012

Located in northern Moldavia, at a short distance from the former Princely citadel of Suceava, immersed in greenery, Patrauti is the oldest preserved among the churches founded by the Moldavian Prince Stefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great, 1457-1504). The church is remarkable through the perfect proportions, the warm colors and the high artistic value of the frescoes, the whole harmony between the architecture and the paintings, and between the church and its site. Combining elements of Byzantine religious art, Gothic and Renaissance, Patrauti is considered the prototype of the “Moldavian church”. It is the oldest Orthodox church in Romania listed as UNESCO monument.

The Slavonic inscription above the entry portal of the church: “God’s Anointed Prince Stephen, ruler of the land of Moldavia, son of Prince Bogdan, started building this house in the name of the Holy Cross in the year of 6995 [1487], June 13”

The rare Cavalcade of the Holy Cross scene in the narthex of Patrauti church, northern Moldavia: Emperor Constantine the Great, Archangel Michael and saints are departing to defend Christianity -and Moldavia- against the Turks!

The votive painting in the nave, depicting the Prince Stephen the Great and his family offering the church to Jesus Christ

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Superbe pozele cu pisania și cu Cavalcada.

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