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1-Day Private Tour from Bucharest ‘Glimpse of Romania’

Bran Castle, Transylvania, terrace viewThis is a private day tour from Bucharest to Transylvania and back, that takes you to the famous Romanian attractions Peles Castle and Bran Castle, then the return itinerary follows a different route that crosses the mountains through the scenic Bran-Rucar Pass, and through different villages and types of rural landscapes all the way back to Bucharest.

We pass through mountain villages, farms and hay meadows, then through the hilly area of the Sub-Carpathians and then through villages lying in the plain close to Bucharest.

You will discover two top Romanian destinations, the breathtaking scenery of the Romanian Carpathians and the specific atmosphere of the rural countryside – maybe the best of what Romania has to offer in just 1 day.

! NOTE Please consider that we will drive slower on a secondary route through mountains and villages, and the return drive will take 4 hours.

Tour type: history, heritage, nature, countryside, culture

Day-Tour Bran Castle Rucar Pass Itinerary MapHighlights

  • • visit of the Peles Castle, emblematic of the Romanian royal family, regarded as one of the most beautiful 19th century European royal residences
  • • visit of the Bran Castle – famous for the connections with the myth of Dracula, but fascinating for what it truly is, a genuine 14th century medieval citadel evocative of the turbulent history of the region
  • Rucar-Bran Pass, considered one of the most beautiful mountain roads in Romania
  • • discover rural Romania and the local traditional life, as still preserved in this part of Europe

Scroll down the page for full description of the tour!

Tour Information

Duration 13 hours – total driving distance 370 km; traffic or bad weather conditions may influence tour duration

Price 230 EUR/tour/1-2 persons, 250 EUR/tour/3 persons, please inquire for larger groups

Activity level medium physical demands; please consider that visit of Bran Castle requires climbing quite a number of stairs

What’s included
– driver/guide service
– transportation by personal car, a new 2017 Volkswagen Golf air conditioned, for up to 4 persons
– all parking fees and fuel

What’s extra
– admission fees (30 Lei/adult at Peles Castle, equivalent of 7 Eur for the standard tour; 35 Lei/adult at Bran Castle, equivalent of 8 EUR; reduced tickets available for children, students and seniors age 65+ with proper ID)
– the food & drink you choose to buy; consider around 80 Lei/person, or 18 Eur/person the cost of a 2-course meal and a drink to a local traditional restaurant
– photo fees and any other personal expenses

Pick-up, drop-off at your hotel or other pre-agreed location in Bucharest

! Peles Castle is closed for visitors on Mondays all year round, and on Tuesdays during the winter season. When Peles Castle is not open we can still get there, see it from the exterior and take pictures.

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Early set off from Bucharest heading for the Carpathian mountains; arrival in the mountain resort of Sinaia, two hours north of Bucharest; inside guided visit of the Peles Castle, then we will have a lunch break to a traditional Romanian restaurant. Resume our tour as the road crosses the mountains to Transylvania; arrival in Bran, visit of the Bran Castle and learn ‘everything’ about Dracula, history and myth; you will have the time to browse through the bazaar at the castle.

Tour continues through the Bran Pass, passing the villages of Bran – Moieciu area, a rural area full of charm; at the highest point lies the beautiful village of Fundata, with houses typically scattered on the mountain slopes and valleys.

The entire Bran area is famous for the locally produced “branza de burduf”, a kneaded cheese from sheep milk stuffed in bellows made of pine bark, as well as smoked and dried sausages, forest fruit syrup etc, all sold at roadside stands.

From Fundata to Rucar the road gradually winds down the lower slopes and foothills of the Carpathians, then on the way to Targoviste the road meanders through hilly countryside. Along the way you have the opportunity to ‘feel’ the Romanian village life: horse drawn carts moving down village lane, cows plodding back home from grazing, chickens wandering around etc.

Evening arrival in Bucharest.

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To request a guided tour or get more information, please use the form below. I will answer every message personally within the next 24 hours, providing details of availability, booking and payment. 

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