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The University (central body 1857-1869, extended 1914-1934; rebuilt after WWII)

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The University, the first modern educational institution in Bucharest, continues a tradition of education which goes back to the 17th century. In 1857, the foundation stone of the University was laid on the very place of St Sava College, formerly The “St Sava” Princely Academy, the oldest superior school in Bucharest founded in 1688, which functioned in the cells of St Sava Church. At the “St Sava” Princely Academy, teachers were usually Greek physicians and theologians.
The new University Palace (as it was known) sheltered, before they each moved to their own establishments, almost all the city’s important cultural institutions: Pinacotheca (moved to the Athenaeum after its construction in 1888), the Academy (until 1892), the Antiquities Museum, The Central Library (until the Carol Foundation was inaugurated in 1895). The Senate was the last to leave in 1920.

The Bucharest University building, and the School of Architecture building next to it, cannot be separated from the events of very recent history, the Romanian Revolution in 1989 and the anticommunist marathon-demonstrations in 1990.

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