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The Old Court Church (1559)

The Old Court Church (1554) was part of the adjoining Princely Court, to which was connected by a vaulted passage, and served as coronation ceremonies and worship place for Wallachian Princes along two hundred years. Fires and earthquakes, and robberies of Turks and Tatars struck many times  the Princely Court and the surrounding area. Still, The Old Court church survived, being considered the oldest one preserved in original form in Bucharest.

The church is among the few remaining examples of the old Wallachian ecclesiastical architecture of Byzantine origin (see also Mihai Voda Church), whose essential features, specific to the Balkan region, are small dimensions, three-apsed plan, tall and slender towers, simple exterior contrasting with the rich frescoed decoration of the interior, stone carved window frames. The decoration of the façade is typically provided by white and red strips of visible bricks alternating with plaster. It is remarkable the decorative effect full of refinement achieved through simple means such as the alternation of colours and the arrangement of the bricks.

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