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The National History Museum (established 1970, edifice completed in 1900)

Take your time and browse through my Bucharest City Tours to find the one that suits you best! If interested, the National History Museum can be included in your customized guided private tour.

Located at the southern edge of Calea Victoriei, in the monumental Neo-Classical style building of the former Postal Palace built between 1894-1900, itself a historical monument, The National History Museum established in 1970 is a representative cultural institution of Bucharest and Romania.
Due to lengthy ongoing restoration works, the highly valuable collections are only partially accessible. At the lower floor one can see the replica of the base of the 2nd century A.D. Trajan’s Column, whose original is in Rome, and of dismantled panels of the Column depicting the Wars between Dacians and Romans. The most attracting part of the museum is perhaps the Historical Treasury Room, displaying over 3000 pieces of ancient gold and precious stones adornments, belonging to civilizations that existed on the current territory of Romania since Paleolithic era, or to personalities of the Romanian history. Among the exhibits there is the famous Visigoth treasure “Hatching Hen with Golden Chicks” (“Closca cu Puii de Aur”), dating most likely from the second half of the 4th century, considered one of the most valuable treasures in the world.

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