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Museum of the History of the Romanian Jewish Communities

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Holy Union Temple, Bucharest's former Jewish QuarterThe Museum of the Romanian Jewish Communities is housed in a former worship place, “The Holy Union” (“Unirea Sfanta”) Temple, previously the Taylors’ Great Synagogue, built a century and a half ago and rebuilt in the first decade of the 20th century. Set up as a museum of Jewish communities in Romania in 1978, in the “dark period” of the communist totalitarian regime, the building was spared the fate of the neighbourhood, which was much damaged during the 1980s demolitions

The numerous exhibits largely reflect the life and culture of the Romanian Jewish communities, while highlighting their contribution to modern Romania’s economy and culture. On display are objects of synagogal art (Torah ornaments, candlesticks, Hanukkah candle holders, textiles) and ritual artifacts, models of old synagogues, some of them vanished, archive photos, valuable paintings and drawings. 

This museum is the sole history museum of an ethnic minority in Bucharest.

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