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Nancy and Susan

April 9, 2019

Our 5 days in Romania was the best part of our 5 week European journey and that was entirely because of Christina Iosif, our guide. We explored Bucharest and then ventured into the interior of the country – Transylvania and the Carpathians. This was the first time we have hired a personal guide. This was a very wise decision as eastern Europe is just enough different to warrant doing so! We learned so much, saw more than we can believe and had experiences that would never have happened otherwise. We learned to appreciate the culture – both historically and the society that is developing in its modern post communist form. As our guide, Christina was responsible, in charge, professional, accessible and very good humored. Her itineraries are creative and she is always open to the odd thing that inevitably presents itself and this helps to build a very personalized experience. She clearly wanted us to learn about, appreciate and maybe even become fascinated by Romania. Her love of country and its people is present in everything she did and we so appreciated that about her. She really made us want to return for a much deeper exploration of this beautiful and historically rich place.

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