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Sutu Palace – The Museum of Bucharest

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Sutu Palace hidden behind old trees on one corner of the University Square may not grab your attention, but it is worth taking a closer look.

For one thing, this is among the oldest boyar palaces still standing in Bucharest, and there are not many. Built in 1833, it belonged to the important Sutu family of Greek origins, family that gave Princes to both principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia. The romantic architecture of the palace, featuring Gothic-like style turrets, reflects the fashion of the time. The imposing coat of arms of the family lies above the frontispiece and the two massive iron gates are decorated with a gilded sun surrounded by rays, as to emphasize the luxury of the palace. Sutu Palace was praised by the entire elite of the time, and the balls held here rivaled those of the Royal Palace.

The stunning central hall has a monumental staircase that splits into two wings, between which lies a superb large mirror brought from Venice. The interior decorations are the original ones, and were realized by the Romanian sculptor and decorator of German origin Karl Storck. Apart from its splendor, the palace attracts by housing the interesting exhibits of the Museum of the City of Bucharest, among which the document issued by Prince Vlad III Dracula (Vlad Tepes “The Impaler” himself, identified by many with Count Dracula, Bram Stoker’s in-famous character) on September 20th 1459, mentioning for the first time the citadel of Bucharest.

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