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Stavropoleos Church (1724) » Stavropoleos Church, the Portal

January 11, 2012

Stavropoleos Church, the Portal

The carved portal of the Stavropoleos Church, outstanding achievement of Brancovan art
Brancovan art is the designation given to the art of Wallachia (historic region in the Southern part of Romania) at the turn of the 18th century, developed mainly during the reign of the Wallachian Prince Constantin Brancoveanu (1688-1714), who associated his name with this art renewal. The Brancovan style enfolds the local and Byzantine-Ottoman tradition with the Western influences of the time, namely the late Italian Renaissance and the Baroque.
Stavropoleos Church is a must-see landmark of the city for anyone visiting Bucharest, and it is included in two of my private guided Bucharest city tours: and

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