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Old Pictures of Bucharest (36) » Sf Sava Church, Bucharest 1864

December 27, 2011

Sf Sava church, Bucharest 1864.

The photo taken in 1864 by Carol Popp de Szathmary, one of the first photographs of Bucharest, belongs to the panoramic photos set of great documentary value taken from the disappeared Coltei Tower.
In this photo we can see Sf Sava Church on the place where today stands the statue of Prince Michael The Brave (Mihai Voda Viteazul) in front of the University, few years before its demolition. In the cells of Sf Sava Church it was founded the first superior school in Bucharest, the famous Princely Academy Sf Sava. Classes were held only for children coming from rich families in classical languages, Greek and Latin (as in all European schools before 18th century). On the very place it was built the University, important institution of modern Romania. At the moment of this photo, The University had been opened just a year earlier. The building fell victim to German air ride in WWII and it was then reconstructed, today looking different that it used to be.
In the front of the photo there is Sutu Palace built in romantic Gothic Revival style of the time (1835).

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