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National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC)

Take your time and browse through my Bucharest city tours to choose the one which suits you best! Your customized private guided tour can include a visit to the National Museum of Contemporary Art.

Bucharest’s newest museum, the National Museum of Contemporary Art was inaugurated in October 2004 in the rear wing of the former House of the People, which houses today the Romanian Parliament, following an innovative and audacious conversion and remodeling of the space. The National Museum of Contemporary Art shows very interesting temporary exhibitions by international artists as well as works of highly appreciated Romanian contemporary artists. Not to be missed is the nice rooftop bookstore & café with terrace which can be accessed with a glass elevator. It is an unconventional, unique space, and its presence within the former dictator Ceausescu’s House of the People, from which it differs so much in spirit, creates a special feeling. The roof terrace offers a great view to the future Cathedral of National Salvation, currently under construction in the vicinity of the Parliament building.

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