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Doamnei Church (1683)

Bucharest churches are authentic documents of local history and cultural identity, and treasures of old local art and architecture.
Contact me to arrange a walking tour of Bucharest’s most beautiful churches, or take your time and browse through my Bucharest city tours to choose the one which suits you best!

Doamnei Church (around 1683). Founded by Maria Doamna, the second wife of Serban Cantacuzino (1678-1688), the church was initially the chapel of the boyar house of Serban Cantacuzino, destined for a future Princely residence. The mural painting is the original one, but this church well worth a visit if only to admire the intricate pattern of the carved wooden door and the wonderful sculpted stone portal with the inscription above. Noteworthy are the bases and capitals of the pillars carved also with Oriental motifs.


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