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The Danube Delta & Black Sea Coast 2-Day Private Tour

Explore the miracle world of the Danube Delta, considered Europe’s last natural paradise, and the ancient region of Dobruja (Rom. Dobrogea), steeped in history, one of the most secluded, lost in time regions in Romania. This is a private 2-day tour, with personal guide and by private car.

Tour type: nature & wildlife, culture, history

Pelicans in the Danube Delta Romania

Explore the Danube Delta, Europe’s most significant and best preserved delta, considered a bird’s paradise. The Danube Delta is a delight for bird-watchers, wildlife lovers and passionate photographers. The landscape composed of an intricate network of channels, lakes, marshes dominated by reeds forming floating reed islets is unique. The greatest stretch of reed beds in the world provides resting and breeding places for over 300 species of birds, among which the White Pelican, a true symbol of Danube Delta. 

In addition, discover the ruins of the 14th century fortress of Enisala and the port city of Constanta, a windswept city on the Black Sea coast. Modern day Constanta is the ancient Tomis with a history going back to 600 BC. We will have lunch in the old marina, stroll around its historical center (Old Town) and enjoy the seafront promenade before returning to Bucharest.

The Danube Delta is by all means exceptional. Check-out these amazing facts about Danube Delta:

— The Danube Delta is the second largest delta in Europe, and moreover, the most significant and best preserved of Europe’s deltas.

— The Danube Delta is the only delta in the world designated a Biosphere Reserve, and it is actually the third area in the world in terms of biodiversity, after the Great Reed Barrier and the Galapagos Archipelagos.

— The Danube Delta holds a triple international protection status: it was designated a Biosphere Reserve since 1990, it was recognized as a Wetland of International Importance under the RAMSAR International Convention for Wetlands in 1991, and was listed as UNESCO Cultural and Natural World Heritage in 1991.


The best time to visit Danube Delta is considered May and September, as these are the two main migration periods for birds – but the entire summer period is fantastic. Yet, the Danube Delta may be spectacular in winter too. Many birds migrate from Siberia and can only be seen in the Danube Delta, between November and March.


You are required to purchase an entry permit to the Danube Delta. Not to worry, this can be done during the tour, at the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority offices in Tulcea. Just remember that you need to have your passport/national ID with you.


– Be aware of mosquitoes in the summer evenings (bring long sleeve shirt, long trousers and a mosquitoes repellent with you if you like evening strolls).
– Bring some type of fleece jacket/warm clothing, to have it on the boat in case it gets cold (it may happen even in the summer, in the evening). It is good to have also a windbreaker jacket (the wind may be extremely powerful at Enisala).
– A hat and maybe sunglasses, sunscreen are useful.

Tour Information

2 days/1 night

Light physical demands (but you should be able to get in and out of the boat)

650 Eur/tour (for 2 people sharing a room)

– hotel pick-up and drop-off
– the program as described
– guide/driver fee
– transport by private car, a 2017 Volkswagen Golf, air conditioned (for up to 3 people)
– all parking fees and fuel, road tolls
– traveler accommodation for 1 night at hotel in the Danube Delta (in shared room)
– entry permits to the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve

– cost of boat trip in the Danube Delta (equivalent of 170 EUR)
– food & drink of your choice; consider around 18 EUR/person the cost of meal at a local restaurant; breakfast is included in the room rate;

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Tour Description/What to expect
Day 1 Bucharest – Tulcea – Murighiol – Danube Delta (overnight at hotel in Danube Delta)
We set off early in the morning, traveling across the vast expanse of the Baragan Plane. After about 4 hours drive we stop for lunch in the town of Tulcea to a local fish restaurant, before continuing to Murighiol, our entryway to the Danube Delta. From there a small motor boat will take us into the wonderful paradise which is Delta. For almost 3 hours we will go along channels lined with a lush vegetation of willows and reeds, and have the chance to see pelicans, herons, cormorants etc in their natural environment. Check in to our hotel in the heart of the Danube Delta where we spend the night. Evening at leisure, dinner of your choice at the restaurant. (total driving distance 320 km)

Day 2 Danube Delta – Murighiol – Enisala – Constanta – Bucharest
After breakfast, transfer from our hotel to Murighiol, again by boat, thus allowing more time to take in the beauty of the Danube Delta. Then resume our tour by car, heading for the city of Constanta, traveling through a sparsely populated region and lost in time villages. En route, we take a little detour to visit the ruins of Enisala Fortress, for a feeling of history and the lovely panoramic views over the lake and surrounding area. Later, arrival in Constanta where we have lunch to a local restaurant before having a walk around the Old Town and along the seafront promenade. Evening return to Bucharest. (total driving distance 385 km)


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