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Cotroceni National Museum

Take your time and browse through my Bucharest city tours to choose the one which suits you best! Your customized private guided tour can include a visit to Cotroceni Palace.

Royal dining room at Cotroceni Palace, Bucharest

The Cotroceni Palace, former residence of the Romanian Royal family and today an outstanding museum, is located in the western part of Bucharest, in an area rich in gardens and greenery.
Old domain of Romanian princes since the 17th century, the Palace was used by Carol I, the first King of Romania, as residence of diplomatic representation and protocol of the highest level. This is where the King received numerous high-ranking guests and personalities, among them the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph. At King Carol’s request, Cotroceni Palace was renovated for the use of his successors to the Romanian throne, Ferdinand and Marie, the second royal couple.
Along with the celebrated Peles Castle in Sinaia, Cotroceni palace provides a revealing picture of the status of the Romanian Royals and on what monarchy meant in the history of Romania.

Cotroceni Palace bears the imprint of the personal style of Queen Marie of Romania, a fascinating figure of the epoch. Endowed with a sensitive spirit towards the fine arts, she was also known as the Artist Queen. The museum boasts art treasures collected by the Royal family over decades.

! UPDATE Dec 2016

At Cotroceni Palace there are now open for visitors the old Cotroceni Monastery kitchen and the refectory connected to it, as well as the princely cellars (1679-1681) built by Prince of Wallachia Serban Cantacuzino. Look at that amazing system of vaulting at the monastery kitchen! This exceptional ensemble of local medieval architecture, the most important and best preserved in Bucharest, makes the must-see Cotroceni Palace even more special.


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